Crystal Clear

The Whitley Neill Handcrafted Gin range offers a palate of subtle and sophisticated flavours to help you create your #ginreality

April 21 2020


Evolution. Some may embrace it, some may deny it, but the reality is that on the most immensely macro and intimately micro levels, everything and everyone (with the possible exception of Stonehenge and Nicholas Parsons) is changing.

And when it comes to classic drinks, the British handcrafted gin brand, Whitley Neill, founded by Johnny Neill and distilled in Liverpool, has been at the forefront of developments to complement our changing palates over the last decade.

Experimental botanicals such as blood orange, raspberry, rhubarb and ginger are all part of our gin equation, bringing subtle depth of flavour to the base notes of juniper. As Jamie Rowe, brand ambassador for Whitley Neill, explains: “We were pioneering the use of innovative botanicals 15 years ago by using Cape gooseberry and baobab. The number of botanicals and flavours now available in the food and drink world has meant that people have the opportunity to explore their palate preferences more than ever before.”

An added bonus is the ease of making cocktails at home with Whitley Neill’s range of gins. Having the correct shakers, cobblers and juicers isn’t necessary, meaning the highball cocktails such as the Tom Collins have gone from being exhausting to effortless to make.

“The beauty of the Whitley Neill Gin range is that it gives you the opportunity to create exciting drinks by simply adding citrus, juice and a mixer,” Jamie says. “Now you can just add apple juice to Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger, top up with ginger ale and a squeeze of lime, and you are good to go. A gin and tonic drinker can enjoy a similar experience with a Tom Collins by adding lemon juice, sugar and soda water.”

So far, so easy. But Whitley Neill doesn’t intend to cause a gin revolution. Rather, it simply wants to broaden the choices out there. It’s all part of its #ginreality campaign, encouraging drinkers who are keen to experiment with flavour profiles to pair gin with ginger ale, lemonade and even prosecco.

“Our campaign, #ginreality, shows people that they can enjoy gin their own way with whatever mixer they choose – and while tonic water may be the nation’s favourite, I’ll have mine with lemonade, thank you!”

Creative and unafraid to seize the moment. Perhaps this is the character of the gin drinker after all. Did we get it all wrong when we defined a G&T (along with roast lamb, Radio 4 and the golf course) as a favourite of the conservative who feared change?

Jamie says Whitley Neill drinkers are not shy to show their imagination when it comes to unique pairings.

“Fans are constantly telling me their favourite pairings. One popular suggestion was for quince with elderflower tonic, which I tried and was delicious! We also find that Whitley Neill drinkers are incredibly keen to experiment with new flavours that we create. Though of course we also have our Whitley Neill Original drinker, who enjoys more of the traditional, London Dry style of gin.”

Inclusive, imaginative and brimful of ideas, Whitley Neill is a gin distiller that knows just how to embrace the past while remembering to raise a glass to the present.