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An authentic taste of Scotland

At Boisdale, we pride ourselves on using only the finest, freshest ingredients to create dishes that are both traditional and innovative. From succulent Scottish beef to fresh seafood and game, our menu is a celebration of the best that Scotland has to offer. And, of course, we offer an extensive selection of Scotch whiskies to complement your meal.

Boisdale offers a range of Scottish-inspired dishes that showcase the rich and varied flavours of the country's cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is the Dumfriesshire Blackface Haggis, which is served with neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes) - a delicious and traditional Scottish dish to try.

Another Scottish classic on the menu is the Cullen skink, a creamy soup made with smoked haddock, potatoes, onions, and cream. This dish is hearty, flavorful, and perfect for a cold winter's day. The Scottish influence on the food menu is evident by the use of traditional ingredients and classic recipes. It's a celebration of Scotland's culinary heritage, and an experience not to be missed.

With a focus on Scottish cuisine and a passion for live music, Boisdale is the perfect destination for those looking for an authentic taste of Scotland.

Beef at Boisdale

At Boisdale, we have always prided ourselves on providing the highest quality ingredients, which is why the selection of Scottish beef we serve is all Himalayan salt chamber dry aged, grass-fed, PGI protected and has a fully traceable provenance. Our menu offers 5oz Fillet Minute Steak (21 day dry aged), 8oz Centre-cut Fillet (21 day dry aged), 12oz Prime Ribeye(35 day dry aged) & to share between two – the 20oz Chateaubriand (21 day dry aged)

Our 8oz centre-cut fillet steak is taken from the smaller end of the tenderloins that run along both sides of the spine and is the tenderest and leanest cut of beef money can buy. Served with a wide selection of, often hand-foraged vegetables and thrice cooked chips, this steak can be happily paired with most red wines on Boisdale’s extensive list, but we recommend Boisdale’s own label claret from Château Reynier.

As for Sirloin steak, the story goes that, on his return from Scotland to claim to the English throne, James I loved his loin of meat so much he knighted it! Hence Sir Loin. Today, the sirloin steak, the cut just under the tenderloin that gives us the fillet steak, comes in many forms, but Boisdale executive chef Andy Rose will accept nothing less than the prized the Top Loin, which can be either grilled, sautéed or pan-fried.