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A Cracking Eggscentric Menu

Posted on Apr 1, 2019
A Cracking Eggscentric Menu

Just in time for East­er from Fri­day 12th April, Bois­dale of May­fair will be launch­ing their pop­u­lar EGGS­CEN­TRIC MENU once again, fea­tur­ing the largest selec­tion of bird eggs Lon­don has ever seen.the Eggs­cen­tric menu will offer din­ers the chance to try bird eggs from all over the globe, rang­ing from tiny quails to sea­son­al gulls and mam­moth ostriches.

For a lim­it­ed peri­od, plucky patrons will be able to choose egg dish­es made with sus­tain­ably sourced eggs from an assort­ment of eight types, served four ways with fresh­ly baked sour­dough toast. The all-day menu includes a vari­ety of delec­table accom­pa­ni­ments, includ­ing — amongst oth­ers — fois gras, Ital­ian black truf­fles, Wye Val­ley aspara­gus with her­by green sauce, and Osci­etra caviar, which, when mixed with the lux­u­ri­ous gull’s eggs, pro­vides a tru­ly rare and indul­gent delicacy.

Eggs from an assem­bly of avian cousins includ­ing ducks, pheas­ants, geese, rheas and of course Bur­ford Brown hens fea­ture on the menu along­side quails, gulls and ostrich­es, mak­ing for the great­est edi­ble selec­tion the Lon­don restau­rant scene has come by. The menu offers a unique twist on East­er lunch, and will con­tin­ue through­out the egg har­vest­ing season. 

Whether a large group shar­ing an ostrich egg or an inti­mate table of two shar­ing minia­ture quail eggs, the Eggs­cen­tric menu offers an eggs-cit­ing din­ing option for everyone.