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Open Piano Evening - London’s Only Piano Open Mic!

Posted on Jun 4, 2019
Open Piano Evening - London’s Only Piano Open Mic!


Hosted by the London Contemporary School of Piano - http://www.contemporaryschoolo…

Forget 1970’s underground punk, this is the true “underground” of London’s music world! LCSP gatherings are a fringe delight for music lovers and pianists of all levels and genres sharing their music together.

The LCSP is London’s leading academy of adult hobbyist pianists who seek a creative approach for getting their piano skills up to scratch.

All hobbyist pianists are welcome to come along and participate and all levels are welcome to perform or just watch from the sidelines to get inspired!

This evening is a must for anyone who loves piano and plays piano no matter their level and ability. Prepare to be inspired by members of the LCSP, many who didn’t even touch a piano until they began their piano course at the LCSP. This evening is not just about the music, but the inspiring stories of our members who beat the odds of an impossible work schedule, limited previous abilities who in a very short amount of time made huge strides at the piano, thanks to the LCSP adult piano courses.

The intimate and welcoming setting of the Boisdale club provides the perfect backdrop for any adult piano student who wishes to debut their piano performance to a welcoming crowd in a supportive environment of like minded hobbyist pianists.

The London Contemporary School of Piano team consists of world class pianists who teach at the school, and there will be a tie break play off by the LCSP staff as the evening moves into full swing.

If you’ve been thinking about learning piano for some time, or you’ve been dabbling away at it for years with not much progress, this evening will be an eye opener for you. Be inspired by LCSP members, who were exactly like you, and witness what they have achieved in such a small time.

To reserve a table please BOOK HERE and to get in touch directly with the London Contemporary School of Piano with any additional piano related questions please visit their site below.


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