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The Monthly Mayfair Whisky Club

Posted on Jan 3, 2018
The Monthly Mayfair Whisky Club

The Whisky Club takes place at Bois­dale of May­fair on the 1st Tues­day of every month. 

From Clas­sic unpeat­ed, flo­ral and com­plex Bruich­lad­dich dis­tilled from 100% Scot­tish Bar­ley to Kil­choman whisky locat­ed on a Rock­side Farm in the west of Islay.

A vast array of whiskies will be avail­able for you to try over the course of the year, expres­sions from both new and old ranges and some spe­cials only avail­able to Bois­dale guests.

If you like whisky, this is the club to join — tick­ets for all events are avail­able to pur­chase HERE