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Belvedere Martini Offer

Posted on Mar 1, 2019
Belvedere Martini Offer

To make sure you have the best possible Martini you can find in London, we are giving the chance to try different expressions of Belvedere Vodka.

try 3 expressions of Belvedere with every Belvedere Martini ordered (Classic Belvedere vodka, Single Estate Rye Lake Bartezek & Single Estate Rye Smogory Forest):


Belvedere means “beautiful to see” and is named after the Presidential Palace that adorns the bottle. Arguably the world’s finest premium vodka it has delicious notes of vanilla and cream on the palate and an incredibly crisp and clean finish with lingering soft white pepper spice.


Crafted from a single estate of Dankowskie Diamond Rye deep in the vast forests of western Poland. This lush natural terroir and relatively mild climate is reflected in the bold and savoury style with notes of salted caramel and hints of white pepper


A small farm of Dankowskie Diamond Rye in Northern Poland’s Mazury Lake district, a region renowned for its crystal-clear glacial lakes, In fact, the rye in this region spends over 80 winter days buried in snow, conditions that add to its character and flavour profile.


*All measures 100 ml. Customers are limited to a maximum of three Martinis each

Available at all Boisdale Restaurants.