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Cigar and Whisky Pairing Offer

Posted on Jan 21, 2019
Cigar and Whisky Pairing Offer

Join us at Bois­dale of Canary Wharf on Feb­ru­ary 28th from 7pm for the ulti­mate cig­ar and whisky tast­ing. Book 24h in advance and receive 20% dis­count off list­ed prices. 

Option 1

Romeo Y Juli­eta- short Churchill’s £31.65

Begin­ning with cedar, some oak, light spice. A very pleas­ant smoke light fruity flavour devel­op­ing with time from dark fruit to savoury spice, a woody earth­i­ness with hints of pep­per and leather. 

Paired with

Bruich­lad­dich Clas­sic Lad­die — £14.80

Bruich­lad­dich’s Scot­tish Bar­ley is made entire­ly from Scot­tish-grown bar­ley, trick­le dis­tilled and then matured in Amer­i­can oak. Ele­gant­ly sweet with hon­ey’d bar­ley, boiled sweets and orange petals on the nose. Red apples and white grapes on the palate with touch­es of sweet cin­na­mon and brown sug­ar, soft­ly coastal. A min­er­al-rich malt fin­ish, with tof­fee and more honey. 

Total £46.45

20% Dis­count £37.15

Option 2

San Cristo­bel La Pun­ta £34.20

Very easy smoke despite its pointy” tor­pe­do head. 

A nut­ty, earthy pyra­mid with base of cof­fee and chocolate. 

Hints of cedar and leather with a cin­na­mon and creamy vanil­la finish. 

Paired with

High­land Park 18yr — £28.45

This Orkney sin­gle malt is rich, com­plex and supreme­ly deli­cious. A pro­fu­sion of ripe flo­ral notes and fresh blos­som with delec­table fruit sal­ad on the nose. Notes of hon­eyed exot­ic fruits with a lit­tle botry­tis. Creamy and full with fruit con­serves and espres­so on the palate. A creami­ness with cin­na­mon and all­spice. Notes of tof­fee with thick black for­est hon­ey with a touch more cit­rus. A long and well sug­ared fin­ish with a herbal edge. 

Total £62.65

20% Dis­count £50.15

Option 3

Monte Cristo Open Rega­ta £26.85

Medi­um bod­ied Cuban cig­ar, very well con­struct­ed, per­fect for beginners. 

Choco­late, cof­fee and a touch of vanil­la, togeth­er with a slight­ly spicy aro­ma, makes this a superb well round­ed smoke. 

Paired with

Bal­ve­nie 14 year old Caribbean cask £14.25

Matured for 14 years in tra­di­tion­al oak casks before being trans­ferred to Caribbean rum casks for added flavour and sweet­ness with a hint of vanilla. 

Beau­ti­ful to look at. 

Total £41.40

20% Dis­count £33.20

Option 4

Trinidad Vigia £37.65

Trinidad’s sig­na­ture pig­tail cap with heavy ling gauge offers lush with earthy truf­fle notes, a sooth­ing oak fin­ish for a spicy smoke. 

Paired with

Chivas Regal 18yr — £14.75

A rich­ly indul­gent blend­ed Scotch whisky. The Chivas Regal 18 Year Old was per­son­al­ly cre­at­ed by Mas­ter Blender Col­in Scott, includ­ing over 20 sin­gle malts from around Scot­land. Well bal­anced with orange peel, malt­ed bar­ley, vanil­la fudge and a touch of spice on the nose. Medi­um bod­ied with hints of mar­malade, dark choco­late and a touch of wood on the palate. A long, well-bal­anced fin­ish with spice ema­nat­ing from the oak. 

Total £52.40

20% Dis­count £41.95

Option 5

Cohi­ba Maduros Magi­cos £54.05

Medi­um to full bod­ied cig­ar with an easy draw, Cocoa flavour to begin with lead­ing to a nut­ti­ness and end­ing with a final burst of spice. 

An absolute great smoke. 

Paired with

Glen­morang­ie Signet £29.70

Because of its unique heav­i­ly roast­ed choco­late malt, we have a com­plex flavour expe­ri­ence, sweet syrupy cin­na­mon, cocoa, oranges lychees and malt. 

A pair­ing made in heaven 

Total £83.75

20% Dis­count £67.00

When book­ing please call recep­tion and clar­i­fy which option you would like to book.