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    Whether it’s the taste, the sophistication or simply the joy of sharing quality time over a drink with friends, relaxing with a fine cigar is an experience that for many has no comparison. But just how much would you be prepared to pay for a good cigar? If you have some spare cash why not try one of the five most expensive cigars in the world? Prices are only indicative.

    Cuban Cigar Boxes

    Photo by Stephan Ridgway

    Arturo Fuente Opus X Ltd

    In 1993 Arturo Fuente produced their first Opus X cigars with their now legendary wrapper. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the occasion, Prometheus International made 100 Forbidden X humidors (50 with a red madrona veneer, 40 with yellow eye maple and 10 with macassar.) Each humidor holds 100 Opus X cigars and in 2002 cost $10,000. Nowadays, you’ll have to pay over $30,000.

    Cohiba Behike

    The original Behike was launched in 2006 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Cuban manufacturer Cohiba. Named for a chieftain of the Taino Indians, it was a blend of Cuban tobaccos and was a limited release – only 100 special edition humidors each containing 40 cigars were produced. One humidor would have set you back $18,000 – $450 per cigar. Cohiba has released a less exclusive line of Behike cigars that are about 10% of the price of the original.

    His Majesty’s Reserve

    With fewer than 100 boxes made every year, Gurkha’s His Majesty’s Reserve is made from a blend of the finest tobaccos from around the world and, once rolled, are infused with Louis XIII Cognac, one of the most rare and most expensive in the world. A box of 20 will set you back $15,000 – $750 per cigar.

    The Black Dragon

    In 2006, Gurkha produced a cigar that is even more expensive than the His Majesty’s Reserve. The cigar, called The Black Dragon, is made from an exclusive Honduran blend and carries a price tag of $1,150. The original Black Dragon cigars are so exclusive that only five boxes, each made from hand-carved camel bone, were produced. To make Black Dragon more accessible to a wider audience, in 2007 Gurkha made a much less expensive version but one that is still up to Gurkha’s traditional high standards.

     Double corona by Regius Cigars Ltd

    In August this year entrepreneur Callum Jones paid £40,000 for a double corona cigar made by Regius Cigars Ltd. The makers planned to fly Mr Jones to Nicaragua to see how the cigars are made and blend and roll a thousand special cigars tailored to his taste.

    These prices don’t compare with the $185,000 paid for the 1,600-pound El Gigante cigar produced by Corojo, which can be smoked by 40 people simultaneously or the similar price for one of the 600-year-old Mayan “sicars” discovered in Guatemala in 2012.

    Cigar in Ashtray

    Photo by Brian Birke

    Of course, you don’t have to have bottomless pockets to savour the flavour of a fine cigar. At Boisdale you can enjoy a fantastic evening with sumptuous food and great music and round it off with a quality cigar from the extensive reasonably priced Boisdale cigar collection on the cigar terrace.