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    Last week the UK’s chief medical officers revised down the recommended amount of alcohol men should drink in a week to 14 units.

    That means that a single pint of beer is now 14% of your recommended weekly allowance. The new guidelines don’t leave much room for error if you’re planning on sticking to them.

    So how should you use up your 14 units?

    Now seems like an opportune moment to try to make the most out of each drink. Can you try new flavours and explore new combinations?

    Here, we’ve helped you out with a selection of drinks you might never have tried, but we think are well worth using up some of your new weekly allowance on!

    1.For the gin drinker: The Martini

    While hardly the most unusual drink on this list, such is the universal appeal of the martini that it’s rarely superfluous on any list – alcohol-related or not. Gin mixed with vermouth, strained into a classic martini glass and finished with a twist of lemon peel or an olive.

    2. For the beer drinker: Craft beer – take your pick

    Don’t head straight for that bland imported lager you were about to pick up; there is a rich and ever-expanding world of craft beer out there, just waiting for you to explore it. For just a few suggestions, why not try a Camden Town India Hells Lager, Crate Brewery’s Best, the Hackney Brewery’s Raspberry Kristalweisse or a Beavertown Gamma Ray, an American pale ale.

    3. For the Rum drinker: the Bermudan float

    This drink is the ultimate hangover cure (although you will of course be doing well to achieve a hangover on your new state of near-total sobriety). A shot of Havana Club 7 year old rum, ginger beer and a scoop of vanilla ice cream smothered in Angostura bitters.

    4. For the fruity drinker: the Jack Rose

    A classic drink that’s been around for time immemorial, the Jack Rose is made at Boisdale with Querville Calvados (a delightful apple brandy), lemon, sugar, and grenadine. A couple of pieces of literary trivia: it was the favourite drink of Nobel Prize-winning American author John Steinbeck, and makes a guest appearance in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.

    5. For the vodka drinker: a Salty Dog

    For those on a January health kick, this drink has a good dose of vitamin C. Vodka and grapefruit juice, served in a salty highball glass (ok – it’s got a fair whack of sodium too…). Can be made with gin also.

    6. For the Scotch drinker: Scotch, of course

    Sometimes, it simply makes sense not to complicate a good thing – that’s the humble opinion of this blog. Enjoy neat, with water or ice – whatever your preference.


    However, don’t get stuck in the same old whisky-drinking habits. Each scotch has a distinct flavor and it’s well worth exploring new blends. Boisdale has a huge selection of scotch whiskies, and others beside, including Irish, Welsh, Japanese, English and American. So head to one of Boisdale Bar’s and make each whisky a memorable one this year.

    Feel free to disagree with our suggested drinks – or add your own suggestions.