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    The last decade has heralded the arrival of new, modern jazz musicians, all of whom have risen to fame from a number of hotspots across the world. The last decade has seen a plethora of new jazz styles flourish, with musicians breaking away from the ‘straight ahead’ traditionalist jazz and moving to unconventional styles like modern creative, ‘free jazz’, ‘jazz funk’ and even ‘punk jazz’.

    Here’s a list of the top 10 shining stars of 2001-2010 that have graced the stage with their own take on the genre:

    Michael Buble

    Michael Buble

    You cannot turn the radio on without hearing one of Michael Buble’s countless hit singles. Buble, a Canadian jazz vocalist, hit worldwide gold in 2005 with his album It’s Time. He recently released an album titled Crazy Love.

    Chris Botti

    Chris Botti credit

    Chris Botti is another artist that cannot stay away from the airwaves. As an American trumpet player, he prides himself on playing jazz classics, pop songs turned jazz, and more. In 2007, Botti was nominated for two Grammy awards, but did not win either. He recently released an album of live recordings, titled ‘Chris Botti Live in Boston’.

    Norah Jones

    Norah Jonescredit

    Norah Jones is an American vocalist, keyboardist, and composer who has been making waves in the jazz world. As a daughter of an Indian sitarist, the music of Jones is typically described as a crossover between soul, jazz, and country. Jones is truly unique, as shown in her recent album titled ‘The Fall’.

    Melody Gardot

    Melody Gardotcredit

    Melody Gardot, an American vocalist, guitarist, and pianist, attributes her music to inspiration from the likes of Judy Garland, Miles Davis, and George Gershwin. As a young 25 year old, she is currently taking the jazz world by storm with her new album titled ‘My One and Only Thrill’.

    Jamie Cullum

    Jamie Cullumcredit

    Jamie Cullum, an English pop and jazz superstar, is a very talented musician that all jazz lovers know and love. He released his newest album ‘Devil May Care’ on February 16, 2010. This album has been blowing the U.K. away left and right.

    Portico Quartet

    Portico Quartetcredit

    The Portico Quartet is a four piece jazz quartet, who began playing live jazz in London, where they are now based. The music played by Portico Quartet is best described as modern and unconventional, but listeners love it. In a rare move, Portico Quartet uses the hang, a new percussion instrument, in every track. Portico Quartet’s new album is called ‘Isla’.

    Sade Adu

    Sade Aducredit

    Sade Adu, a Nigerian-British songwriter and jazz performer, had her first success in the jazz world in the late 1980s as a Grammy award winner. After a brief lapse in popularity, Sade has recently made a great comeback with her new album entitled ‘Soldier of Love’.

    Spencer Day

    Spencer Daycredit

    Spencer Day is a new and young jazz artist who released his first album recently. Day has had recent success due to his free release of a song off of his new album. Day’s new album, titled ‘Vagabond’, has been a hit since its release.

    Diana Krall

    Diana Krallcredit

    Diana Krall is a pianist and jazz singer from Canada. Krall has been rising in popularity since 1993, but she really hit her stride in the last decade. Her new album is available now and is titled ‘Quiet Nights’.

    Harry Connick, Jr.

    Harry Connick Jnr

    Harry Connick, Jr. is an American jazz composer, singer, and pianist. With three Grammy awards, plus an acting role in popular TV show Will and Grace, Connick is a very talented man. Connick tours with a full band and recently released his album ‘Your Songs’.

    • Matt

      I can’t believe you put Buble at the top of this list. Pat Metheny is still alive. Joshua Redman is still alive. Randy Brecker is still alive. Herbie Hancock is still alive. Buble is an auto tuned gimmick. Why even make a jazz list if you are going to consider Buble a “musician?”

    • walrus

      I think that your list may have generated a fan of Melody Gardot and the Portico Quartet. With the latter I really like odd instrumentation, it’s a cool blended sound from what I’ve managed to find. Melody, I just have a thing for chanteuses. Thanks man, it’s hard sometimes to find new music.