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    If you enjoy drinking whiskey, the only downside – if you can even call it that – is figuring out what to do with those empty bottles. You can always recycle them, but that often involves a trip to the recycling center and just isn’t very exciting. A quick look around reveals that many folks have come up with truly innovative things to do with empty bottles- here are some of the best!

    Whiskey Bottle Computer

    whiskey bottle computer

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    The biggest standout in terms of pure genius and innovation has to be the whiskey bottle computer. There’s little doubt that Janos Marton is the only person on the planet with a computer setup quite like this. Finding similarly innovative things to do with whiskey bottles is not as easy as it sounds – many sites simply suggest sticking a candle in the top – but with a bit of creativity, you can do something clever with one.

    Cutting Beer Bottles In Half With A Piece Of String

    cut whiskey bottle

    cut-bottle by you.

    beer-bottle-goblets by you.

    Science fans will definitely want to try out this little experiment. Although a beer bottle is used in this experiment, it can most likely be replicated using any other type of glass bottle as well; you just might need a thicker piece of string and a little bit more patience.

    Make A Mini Terrarium

    After you’ve finished a bottle  let it drain completely, then rinse it thoroughly with water. Remove the label with Goo Gone or another similar product, then prepare it to be a mini terrarium.

    001 by you.

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    You can choose to put only plants in it, or you can try some cool different experiments by adding ants or worms into the mix. Even if you have limited space, whiskey bottles are small enough that you could theoretically have many different “worlds” surrounding your home or apartment at any given time.

    Light The Way With A Whiskey Bottle Oil Lamp

    Give your home or apartment a sense of old world charm by lighting it by an oil lamp that you’ve crafted out of an empty bottle. Since different whiskey bottles have different looks, you could end up with a very eclectic collection of oil lamps that add a bit of flair to your surroundings.

    004 by you.

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    006 by you.

    As far as fun little projects go, this is one that just about anyone can do – whether they have a lot of mechanical know-how or not.

    • Chris

      Wow some really great ideas here, very similar to my products, reusing items that would only otherwise to thrown away.