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    Refined gentlemen through the ages have experimented with the art of matching single malt whisky with their favourite cigars. Since both are so dependent upon the region of their origin, this pairing is not as simple as you think. Just as no two Scotches are the same because of the spices they pick up from the local flora and fauna, fine cigar tobacco reflects the taste of the region it is grown in, which is the reason, of course,  no two brands of cigars taste the same.

    Cuban Cigars

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    Most connoisseurs agree that only Scotland’s single malts have enough purity to do justice to a fine smoke, because other whiskies have been through so many distilleries and blends that they don’t do justice to an expensive cigar. The same connoisseurs agree that only cigars from the Caribbean region have the strength required to stand up to a robust Scotch. Of course, Cuban cigars are always considered the most desirable, but some cigars from Costa Rica and Honduras have been judged up to the task.

    Some people like the milder flavor of a Highland Park Single Malt Scotch with hand-rolled Cuban Cohiba Siglo IV cigar and once you try it you will see why these two go together like old friends. Another cigar the stands up well to a Highland Park Scotch is La Flor Dominicana.

    If you prefer a strong cigar, like a Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970, a Lagavulin Single Malt has the kind of full bodied, robust taste that will result in a flavorful and potent experience. For a truly unique experience, try a Dalwhinnie– a very mild single malt — with a strong Macanudo cigar because it expands the ‘peatness’ of the scotch and embellishes the smoking experience.