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  • May 18th, 2010 by

    Today, Boisdale of Bishopsgate launches the most expensive omelette in the world made from gull’s eggs, lobster and truffles.

    The £90 Omelette

    Neil Churchill, Chef at Boisdale of Bishopsgate will be using native Hebridean Blue Lobster, West Minch cock crab, wild garlic, Wye valley new season asparagus & Piedmont summer truffles in the omelette, priced at £90.

    A number of other gull’s egg dishes, individually priced, include: coddled eggs served with spring morels, Wye Valley asparagus, duck hearts and woodland herbs.

    Those who prefer their eggs scrambled will be treated to smoked wild Dunkeld salmon & summer truffle shavings whilst the gull’s Scotch egg will be accompanied by beetroot pickle, mustard cress & salad cream or as traditionally served at Boisdale of Bishopsgate for the past seven years, simply hard boiled and seasoned with celery salt.

    Boisdale of Bishopsgate Chef

    The gull’s dishes will be available from 11th May but, owing to the very short gull’s egg season, they will only be available for a few weeks. Gull’s eggs, with their green mottled shells and bright yellow yolks, are well known for their rich flavour.

    Ranald Madonald, proprietor and founder of Boisdale said “Gull’s eggs are very rare and one of the short-lived gems of the season. Only a handful of organisations are licensed to gather them.

    They have a magnificent flavour, make an incredibly light a fluffy omelette and are ridiculously expensive.  I am delighted to be able to offer our customers this rare culinary experience for a very short period of time.”

    About Gull’s Eggs

    The gull’s egg season only runs for a few weeks every year in May. Only those with a DEFRA license are able to collect them.