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Boisdale Of Bishopsgate Launches the £90 Omelette

Posted on May 13, 2019
Boisdale Of Bishopsgate Launches the £90 Omelette

Boisdale of Bishopsgate has launched the most expensive omelette in the world made from gull’s eggs, lobster and truffles.

Robert Kavara, Boisdale of Bishopsgate’s head chef will be using Welsh coast native lobster, West Minch cock crab, wild garlic, Wye Valley new season asparagus & Piedmont summer truffles in the omelette, priced at £90 (48-hour notice is required).

A number of other gull’s egg dishes, individually priced, include Coddled eggs served with spring morels and Wye Valley asparagus whilst those who prefer their eggs scrambled will be treated to Smoked wild Dunkeld salmon & summer truffle shavings.

The gull’s eggs dishes will be on the menu from Monday 13th May but, owing to the very short gull’s egg season, they will only be available for a few weeks. Gulls eggs, with their green mottled shells and bright yellow yolks, are well known for their rich flavour.

Robert Kavara said, “Gull’s eggs are an age-old delicacy that for 3-4 weeks each year become one of the most sought-after British eggs by chefs around the UK (sometimes fetching as much as £8 per egg) so I am delighted our customers will have the chance to sample this rare culinary experience of gull’s eggs as it is a truly indulgent dish.

Only one egg is harvested per nest and each ‘egger’ (collector) must have a DEFRA license, which is renewed yearly.”