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Tuesday December 4th Chris Noth, Golden Globe and SAG Award nominated actor known from such prestigious projects as “Dr. Who,” “Sex and the City,” and “Law and Order,” hosted the first ever UK tasting of his Ambhar Tequila, an award-winning spirit made in small batches from 100% blue agave.

Noth who is also in London for Boisdale’s prestigious “Viña Carmen Cigar Smoker of the Year” event on December 3rd, graciously accepted the invitation from Boisdale founder Ranald Macdonald to hold a special tasting and preview AMBHAR in the UK in advance of its Spring 2019 expansion into the UK. Noth and Jaime Celorio, founder of AMBHAR will be hosting this exclusive tasting for Boisdale VIP guests and a small number of journalists.

AMBHAR is an award-winning handcrafted artisan tequila using centuries old recipes and made in small batches with 100% blue agave for the most discerning of tequila connoisseurs. It comes in PLATA, a brilliantly pure, silver spirit, made from the purest form of agave with salty-sweet aromas and a refreshing, yet soft, taste; REPOSADO, that rests in premium oak barrels just long enough to impart its golden hue and create a remarkably smooth taste, and ANEJO, aged in premium oak barrels and emerges as a fine spirit known for its sharp, smoky aromas and soft and silky plate.

Each beautiful AMBHAR decanter is distinctively made of heavy, virgin glass, moulded into a shape reminiscent of the canteens that the Old West cowboys used to carry their “Mexican Brandy.” An elegant horseshow is integrated into the design to bestow luck upon all who drink from the bottle.

“Ambhar is the first tequila I’ve been excited about drinking by itself,” said Noth. “I’m thrilled to partner with Ranald Macdonald on this event and bring this brand to the UK to help elevate the experience of enjoying this ultra-premium spirit the way it’s supposed to be, one sip at a time,” furthered Noth.

“Fine wine, champagne and spirits have been a personal passion for over 30 years so I always welcome the opportunity to educate myself on the quality of sipping, single-distillery tequilas - such as Ambhar - produced using traditional methods; and what better way to taste this sophisticated and luxury spirit than in one of my own restaurants!” said Ranald Macdonald, Boisdale Founder and Managing Director.

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Jools Holland is our patron of music and we are very proud to present wonderful live music.

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