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Boisdale health & safety information

Posted on Oct 8, 2020
Boisdale health & safety information

The safe­ty of our teams and our guests is our top pri­or­i­ty and we have been work­ing behind the scenes to ensure we can re-open safely

TRAIN­ING: All our team have been trained on how to cre­ate a safe and invit­ing envi­ron­ment with new pro­ce­dures in place.

COVID-19 CHAM­PI­ON: A mem­ber of staff on duty will be a des­ig­nat­ed COVID-19 cham­pi­on and avail­able to help if you have any queries or concerns.

TEM­PER­A­TURE CHECKS: Dai­ly team tem­per­ate checks before their shift starts

SANI­TIS­ER STA­TIONS: Acces­si­ble sani­tis­er sta­tions for all through­out the restaurant

VIS­I­BLE SIG­NAGE: Clear­ly vis­i­ble phys­i­cal dis­tance sig­nage through­out the restaurant

CLEAN­ING: Every 30 min­utes at a min­i­mum with sur­face sani­ti­sa­tion and team mem­bers wash­ing their hands for 20 seconds.


SEAT­ING PLANS: We have care­ful­ly placed our fur­ni­ture to adhere to social dis­tanc­ing guidelines

REDUCED CAPAC­I­TY: Our book­ing poli­cies have changed to ensure we can mon­i­tor capac­i­ty at all times ensur­ing all areas of the restau­rant are eas­i­ly acces­si­ble and social dis­tanc­ing guide­lines can be adhered to.

Bois­dale Live Music Covid-19 Protocol

iv) Vol­ume of music is main­tained at a lev­el to ensure that the din­ing audi­ence can eas­i­ly con­verse over a table with­out rais­ing their voic­es i.e. at the same lev­el of vol­ume as pre-record­ed ambiance music.

v) Sound is vig­i­lant­ly con­trolled remote­ly by man­age­ment. All instru­ments are elec­tric so there is no acoustic sound issue.

viii) The seat­ed din­ing din­ers will be told pre-arrival via email con­fir­ma­tion of reser­va­tion, on a tent card on the table and by staff that:

- Con­ver­sa­tion to be kept low dur­ing the performance.

- Danc­ing and singing are prohibited.

x) All guests are seat­ed through­out the evening. There is no standing.

xi) With a far high­er ratio of staff to cus­tomers there are much strong cus­tomer con­trols in place.

xii) All musi­cal instru­ments are cleaned before and after each per­for­mance, in line with the strict clean­ing meth­ods through­out the restaurant.

xiii) The singer and musi­cians will not direct­ly inter­act with the audi­ence, for e.g. song requests or hap­py birth­day messages.

xiv) Musi­cians to be tem­per­a­ture checked on arrival.